The main objective of the The main objective of the Monarchist League of Canada is to educate Canadians (and in our case New Brunswickers) about the key role the Crown plays in our system of government. Our parent organisation has devoted much time and effort to developing their website to include a plethora of information on the Crown and Canada, including a very detailed section for Teachers and Students. They have also recently released an updated version of their educational booklet, The Canadian Monarchy. To request a copy, contact us.

As part of our current program, the Branch is sponsoring the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award at Heritage Fairs across New Brunswick in 2012. Please check back here in Summer 2012 for photos of the winning projects. Plans are also being made to develop an educational CD to be distributed to civics teachers across the province. We also have copies (in both official languages) of the 2008 version of the Dept. of Canadian Heritage publication, A Crown of Maples (Fr: La Couronne Canadienne). Contact us for your copy today.

The Branch offers a speakers service to schools and community organisations. If you are a student, teacher, or community leader, at any level, please get in touch with us to request a speaker or with any suggestions or questions. We would be happy to help Canadians learn about their monarchy in any way we can.

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