Membership in the Monarchist League of Canada is open to anyone who supports the objectives and goals of our organisation. Minimal fees are collected annually by our parent organisation in Toronto, which entitle members to subscriptions to Canadian Monarchist News (the semi-annual publication of Dominion HQ) and News for Monarchists (the quarterly publication of Branch 81). In addition, members receive notice of all events and meetings being hosted by the Branch and our parent organisation.

Our members often express interest in learning how to argue FOR the monarchy or AGAINST republicanism. To that end, we developed a helpful powerpoint on "Monarchist Apologetics" which you are welcome to print for your reference

As a special incentive, membership fees have been reduced for all NEW members wishing to join the branch under the Regular and Family categories. NEW members will only be eligible for this incentive if the send their fees through this site or to the Branch's postal address.

Fees are as follows, and are payable to Monarchist League of Canada, Branch 81:

  • Regular New: $25
  • Regular Renewal: $35
  • Student (under 25): $10
  • Family New: $45
  • Family Renewal: $65
  • Institution: $40
  • Life: $700

Membership dues can be paid through our store.

However, you are invited to take advantage of an exciting offer from Dominion HQ: simply contact us and you will be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a full member for a six-month period at no charge.


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